Ekotec Superfund Project Salt Lake City ~ 1992:

Provide assistance to CH2MHIll and the EPA in organizing a sampling plan to remove a low level solvent contamination of soil for disposal at a RCRA Landfill; Grassy Mtn. UT. 1500 tons of soil successfully characterized and removed.Value ~ $350,000 event business.

Former Defense Depot Ogden ~ 2000:

Organized removal, transportation and disposal of soils with a variety of contaminates of concern (COC),Value ~ $250,000 event business

Hill AFB:

Various projects over the years when working with Engineering Companies including, DNAPL evaluation and approval for incineration. Assisting with feasibility studies for Alternative Raw Material use for waste water treatment system filter cake. Ongoing business. Value ~ $100,000 per year.

Medical Device Company, Northern UT ~ 2005:

Setting up program for using two high volume waste streams to divert their non hazardous waste from Subtitle D landfill to a co-processing Thermal Destruction Facility in UT. Eliminating long term risk and saving money in disposal. Ongoing base business. Value ~ $25,000 annual saving to company.

Major Electrical Components Company, in Salt Lake County ~ 2007:

Organized off-site metal recycling option for metal waste stream for recycling avoiding costly landfill. Value ~ $5,000 savings per year.

Research Company, West Valley City UT ~ 1997:

Helped establish contract to manage on-site waste characterization of a variety of unknown and known components and materials that had been lost during transit. Established protocol to process the proper waste disposal option if recycling wasn’t an option. Value ~ $100,000 per year, ongoing contract.

Petroleum Refinery, Salt Lake City, UT:

Assisted in establishing hazardous waste profile, manifest transportation of several thousand ton of soil contaminated material for proper disposal at Grassy Mtn. UT. Negotiated pricing with customers to make sure that efficiencies in cost and risk were met.Value ~ $200,000 event project

Army Base, Western UT:

Work with base officials to profile and create disposal plan for unique F999 waste streams. Successfully help augment the turn-key service in profiling waste, transportation and disposal via RCRA incineration and Subtitle C landfill. Value ~ $100,000 per year.

Semiconductor Company, Northern UT.

Contract  to complete an onsite decontamination project of process equipment contaminated with heavy metals. Followed by proper disposal of PPE and wipe down material. Completed contract on time.Value ~ $150,000 event business.

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