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Phase I Environmental Assessment (ESA) report:

Analysis of Geology Search reports for All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI). Phase I ESA’s typically include a site walk, interview with previous owners, regulatory reviews with State Environmental Authorities, interview with local officials including the local Fire Department, Search of relative maps of the property location (sandborn), Interviews with contiguous property owners, photos and final report and recommendations.

ASTM Sampling & Methods:

Collection and Analytical of samples from potential sites with possible contaminates of concerns (COC) are crucial. When the customer doesn’t know the characteristics of a property, whether it be DOO1 ignitable, D002 Corrosive, D003 Reactive, EP Toxic D004 – D043, or a Listed F or K waste stream, or something that may be exempt, sampling is usually required . Typically samples are taken to determine the nature and characteristic of site which may or may not have Contaminants of Concerns(COC).

The analytical can also be used to determine if a Phase II ESA may be needed. In addition, the Analytical may be used to help in filling out a Hazardous, or Non Hazardous Waste Profile if the business entity chooses, or is required to remove and properly disposes of soil to a RCRA/TSCA/NORM approved facility. Analytical can also help determine an alternative method of offsite treatment such as the case of recycling materials for alternative raw materials or alternative fuels programs. The later could help reduce customer short and long term environmental risk and cost both in transportation & disposal.

Waste Audits:

The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) is the public law that creates the framework for the proper management of hazardous and non-hazardous solid waste. The law describes the waste management program mandated by Congress that gave EPA authority to develop the RCRA program.

Disposing of bi-products/used chemicals or rubbish is a wasteful, time consuming, and financial expense that could potentially be reduced by a thorough look and analysis of the waste stream. RCRA’s aim is to encourage reuses and recycling if at all legally possible, thus having the potential of saving our valuable resources.

Having had more than 30 years in the environmental business, working with chemical companies, refineries, mines, engineering , waste water treatment and a variety of other business segments; environmetrics and their associates are positioned to offer potential wastes reducing solutions… if it makes sound environmental, and financial sense, and is protective of human health and the environment. Let us take a look at your situation and see if environmetrics could provide a solution that helps your business.

Infection Control:

As we know, this can be a devastating virus with around 375,000 fatalities in USA since it’s inception in the US in early 2019. We know that various viruses can be considered a Bacteria phage since it infects and replicates within bacteria. As we know Bacteria’s are rinsed away by surfactants and emulsifiers (soap). Indeed, alcohols are also effective in denaturing the cell walls of various bacteria’s and providing a cleansing effect. Large scale decontamination, disinfection and disposal can be handled by various companies that environmetrics partners with to provide this service. Let us help evaluate your situation to determine if you need a misting service, whipe down or some other methods of infection control.

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