We create solutions with our partners to reduce environmental risk, and to effect a better ROI for Waste Management

Education (Owner Mr. Michael Hall EP )

  • Biology Degree: Weber State University -1987
  • Chemistry Degree: Weber State University – 1999
  • Environmental Toxicology Training: Utah State University – 2001
  • MBA Certificate; Business Development:  Regis Univestity, Denver, CO – 2006
  • ASTM Technical & Professional Training, Phase I&II, San Diego, CA -2010


  • US Pollution Control Inc. (USPCI)
  • ONYX/Veolia Environmental.
  • Huntington Laboratories, Infection Control.
  • ECONOVA, Water Treatment.
  • Energis, Alternative Fuels & Raw Materials.
  • American Environmental & Engineering Company (AEEC).
  • Clean Harbors Environmental.

Our Services

Protect and enhance environment
for future generations.

Phase I Environmental Assessment (ESA) report:

Analysis of Geology Search reports for All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI). Phase I ESA’s typically include a site walk, interview with previous owners,

ASTM Sampling & Methods:

Collection and Analytical of samples from potential sites with possible contaminates of concerns (COC) are crucial.

Waste Audits:

The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) is the public law that creates the framework for the proper management of hazardous and non-hazardous solid waste.

Infection Control:

As we know, this can be a devastating virus with around 375,000 fatalities in USA since it’s inception in the US in early 2019.

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